Nursery: 0 - 18 months

We work hard to create an environment that is calming, loving and safe for your littlest one. Volunteers will provide a safe environment where children can become involved in and learn about what interests them according to their own developmental levels. Our nursery workers understand the importance of prayer, and seek to make this classroom a place to speak life over your little one and pray over their future. 

Toddlers: 18 months - 2 years

This classroom is full of life and energy, just like your toddlers are. We make sure to create a learning environment that is appropriate to all the discoveries your young one is making at this age, and give them opportunities to discover who Jesus is and what His life was like on Earth. Our goal is that these children learn the key truths about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In addition to the story time, children will also enjoy free play, group activities, worship and a snack.

PreK: 3 - 4 years

It is our goal to follow your child as they are developing and meet them where they are with curriculum that is appropriate and engaging. In this classroom your child will be introduced to a set of Bible stories that set the stage for who Jesus is and what His life was like on Earth. The children will be challenged to think about what they are learning, encouraged to pray and participate in worship. Children will also enjoy free play, group activities and a snack.

5 years - Kindergarten

In this classroom it is our goal to help expose your child to the word of God and how they can hold it in their own heart. Through storytelling and scripture reading, your child will be exposed to Bible stories that identify the Fathers heart and be introduced to Jesus' simple teachings in the New Testament. The children will be able to participate in prayer time, worship and memory verses, as well as free play, group activities and a snack. 

1st Grade - 5th Grade

Our desire is that your child would begin to understand who they are in Jesus Christ, and who God is as they grow through the elementary ages at the Clubhouse. Children at these ages are in many different places, so we have worked hard to create a curriculum that is engaging and appropriate for all present, and helps to connect the younger children with the older. Children will have rich Bible teaching that they will be able to discuss and apply in age-appropriate small groups, and will also have the opportunity to worship together in large group. In addition, each week there are exciting skits and demonstrations that help bring the word of God to life, with activities and games to engage their inquiring minds. 

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LifePointe Church

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