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We are a community of people eager to see the heart of God move across our city by living the message of Jesus Christ and partnering with the Holy Spirit to live with purpose and power. 

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We desire for you to experience the living message of Jesus. We want to fuel that through testimonies. These testimonies are simple accounts of how people have experienced the goodness of Jesus in their daily lives. And as you experience Jesus in a fresh way in your life, you can share your testimony as well. Have a testimony you'd like to share to encourage others? Share it with us! 

Apr 11

For several years I have had severe pain in the joints in my hands. The pain also caused weakness to the point that there were days when I could not even grip the lid on a bottle of pop tight enough t
Mar 28

A friend of mine has four boys and is pregnant with a girl. She had been praying for a girl for some time now, and had recently found out that there may be complications. The child was not developing
Dec 31, 2018

I am the Prodigal Son. I was born, dedicated, baptized, confirmed - the whole nine yards into the Lutheran Church. At church things appeared good. At home was a different story. My dad was violent, an
Dec 18, 2018

A woman had been diagnosed with glaucoma. She prayed and agreed with her husband for a healing in her eyes. God touched her and she had faith to believe she was healed. She sensed that it was gone! Sh
Dec 18, 2018

An individual had been struggling with knee pain for several months. During the service a faith welled up in her to be done with this pain and give it to Jesus. As she walked to the altar to pray and
Sep 20, 2018

Several weeks ago a series  of events led me to reach out to friends who have been overseas for nearly 30 years as missionaries. We have not talked in quite some time and as a result of some events ta
Aug 29, 2018

At Lifegroup I wasn't able to talk very well because my throat was so sore, and I was feeling really sick, then my lifegroup leader prayed over me and my throat felt better instantly! Praise the Lord!
Mar 28

A baby boy was born to parents who were encouraged to terminate the pregnancy weeks prior. They were told his lungs were under-developed and his life would either be short-lived or miserable. He was b
Mar 28

One of our member's sons had had stroke symptoms and was rushed to the hospital. They began doing tests and we began praying as a church. The next morning he woke up and said, "I don't remember the la
Dec 18, 2018

A man suffered an injury to his index and middle fingers working with a power tool. The two fingers were broken. He suffered with the pain and a splint for a couple weeks. He came to church one mornin
Dec 18, 2018

An individual received healing on a Sunday morning for a sore on their face. The sore had been on the side of their face for a number of weeks, and they were just making plans to go to the doctor. Dur
Oct 10, 2018

LIVE THE MESSAGE is our church's current motto. The idea behind it is to live our lives as Christians so that Sunday morning flows seemlessly into just as much faith, grace, and joy on Monday morning.
Sep 20, 2018

In April of this year I found out that I had a tumor in my stomach that needed to be removed. Then after the surgery I had to stay in the hospital for five days to recover. Praise God that the tumor w
Aug 15, 2018

My friend and I were at Wal-Mart, asking the Lord if there was anyone we could pray for or be a blessing to, and we saw this woman in a wheelchair. We decided to go over and help her, as she was tryin